What Camera Does Jordan Matter Use?

The matter is not only a well-known photographer. He is also a dancer and a famous personality on social media. He is hugely known for the dance videos that he posts on his self-titled YouTube channel. You may be interested to know what camera Jordan Matter use to shoot all these incredible videos and photos. If yes, you are at the right place.

Here we will present you with a detailed review of The Nikon d3 camera which Jordan uses for his breathtaking still photographs and high-quality videos. He photographs dancers in daily situations with natural lights. No gimmicks, Photoshop, or props are used in the pictures captured by him.

What are the great features of the Nikon d3 camera?

what camera does jordan matter use

The Nikon d3 is one 12.0 megapixel professional-grade camera. It has a full frame of 35 mm and is a DSLR camera. On August 23rd, 2007, Nikon Corporation first announced this model. It was one of the flagship models in the line of DSLRs. The sensor of the camera is CMOS 36 × 23.9 mm. It has greater light sensitivity and larger pixels than dx sensors. It allows the camera to produce images in low light situations with less noise. Low light situations refer to the times when a camera is made operable at high f number or shutter speed. The sensor captures the data of the image at fourteen bits per channel.

The body of the camera uses a Nikon F mount which makes it compatible with the Nikon lenses that are older. Other features include nine frames per second. The latest farmer version for the d3 is 2.02. Here the ISO sensitivity can be modified through increments. Focus tracking and automatic white balance are also improved.

Which camera does Matter use currently?

Apart from the mentioned Nikon model, Jordan matter uses numerous cameras to capture many beautiful images which make his models look their best. Over the years, he has used many different cameras. Currently, he uses Olympus PEN-F and Olympus OMD EM-1.

The PEN-F features in its style a timeless beauty. The design is absolutely perfect and the designer’s great attention to detail is found in every part of this camera. The color profile control and monochrome profile control give you an opportunity to experience a great pleasure of shooting. It is as if you are to choose the type of a film, develop shots and print them for capturing the exact photo which you have in the back of your mind. This camera revives the forgotten amusement of shooting photos. It is the outcome of a fusing of latest digital technologies like a MOS sensor of 20M live and a powerful in-body image stabilization of 5-axis.

They bring out the amazing, full potential of the image quality of Zuiko lenses. The color profile control has been given shading effects and the camera is compatible with air remote TTL-O that is from Profoto. It is also compatible with the mysets function or save settings which helps save camera settings on your desktop device. The new user interface lets you see sample images using the touch screen while browsing through the art filters. The speed limit of the shutter can be assigned now as low as the ISO sensitivity gets raised automatically when it reaches the limit. The performance of the AF targeting pad of rare monitors has also been improved.

What is Jordan’s gear?

what camera does jordan matter use

Jordan Matter’s recommended gear include other models from Nikon such as D850 DSLR CAMERA and various types of lenses. This model also sets remarkable standards for both videography and photography. It possesses 45.7 effective megapixels which allows it to take the most incredible images & produce time lapse movies with its silent shooting with an interval timer. It also boasts superior agility to meet the demands of a modern photographer.

It has continuous shooting functions that are approximately 7 or 9 FPS. The revolutionary mirror and shutter drive mechanism improves the stability of a whole composition. Whether you are interested in the fields of sports, fashion, nature or wedding videography and photography, you will be always inspired to show your best work with this game changing model.