What Camera Does Sml Use?

SML is a very well-known voice actor, puppeteer, and famous from 2007 among YouTubers. Until 2021, he used to make plushies from the games Mario & also used non-Nintendo toys. So what camera does sml use for making these incredibly famous YouTube videos? This article will tell you everything about that.

The camera which sml uses is a Canon HD camera. The model name is Vixia HF g30. This was a flagship model of the Vixia series of Canon camcorders. This model offers various features which we will see below.

What are the features of Canon Vixia HF?

what camera does sml use

The Vixia HF g30 model includes a 20x HD lens for video. There is also a circular aperture of 8-blade which provides you beautiful background blur and natural, super video quality. The new optical image stabilization ensures that your subjects are blur-free virtually. The Digic Dv image processor and Pro image sensor of HD CMOS work in tandem for reducing noise and capturing one large dynamic range. The new Dv 4 processor also enables you to record in MP4. It can be done up to MBPS 35. AVCHD can be up to MBPS 28. Thanks to the two high-capacity memory card slots that are SDXC-compatible, it has a feature of dual recording. Fast and slow motion recording is compatible between 40 to 250% of original speed in the MP4 format.

The Wi-Fi technology is built-in in this model. It lets you share any type of video files easily as it sends them to your favorite social network or PC using tablets, smartphones or familiar internet browsers. Remote control of the key camcorder functions can also be found available from one web browser via the Wi-Fi functionality. GPS location data is added to video files with the help of an optional accessory.

There is also a touch panel display OLED 3.5 inches which helps ensure easy and fast camcorder control. A joystick streamline and a tiltable viewfinder that is electronic are critical to the focus adjustment. Flexible image quality, display and control options make for comfortable, intuitive and speedy operation, no matter what style of shooting you choose.

The camera gives a minimum distance of an object as just 23.6 inches that is 60 CM. Aspherical lens technology can also be seen just like any other high definition Canon video lenses. It is used for achieving low chromatic aberration along with high resolution as it maintains compact dimensions. Ghosting and flare are lowered by the technology of super spectra coating. You can literally break new grounds with the circular aperture as it reduces the effect of starbust that is found in cameras that have non circular apertures. As a result, points of light that are in out-of-focus areas, usually the background of the shot you have taken, are beautifully blurred circularly and it creates a more artistic and authentic feel. The professional touch of the manual focus ring helps the control to be precise and accurate. The ring can also be set to the control zoom for extra flexibility.

The images are captured at the rate of 60 fps. The diagonal noise is eliminated virtually. As a result, even the fast moving objects come crisply with patterns and motion clearly recorded.

What is the progressive mode in the camera?

what camera does sml use

The model features the progressive mode of native 24p. This is generally found only in the professional camcorders of Canon. It allows 24 FPS to be recorded and captured instead of 60i. It is a look that feels evocative of a cinematic quality that is traditional and a necessity for the work of serious film making.

G30 also enables users to record in one different frame rate. It adds a slow or fast motion effect to the video you captured. The quality of the image does not get lost in the process. So you can see each and everything just the same way you saw before, the only variety will be the speed. Revel in each moment of your astounding work as you make it slower or faster as per your preference.