why is my iPhone camera shaking

Why Is My iPhone Camera Shaking?

You are about to click a picture using your iPhone camera but is unable to maintain the focus and you keep asking yourself why is my iPhone camera shaking? This is indeed a very annoying thing to happen and trust me many people face this similar issue as well, but as you are following further, it shall become easier for you into resolving it quickly! Get ready to capture many more pictures next time!

Errors and the fix to camera issues of iPhone

why is my iPhone camera shaking

As the technology had kept on advancing, it continuously brought along the updated features in the gadgets that we are using either as latest models of the products or as update downloads. One of such things has always been the mobile phone cameras. This has made us so much depended on it that we are always looking forward to the best image capturing quality in the mobile phone camera.

Oftentimes it has occurred to you that while you are about to capture something you are unable to fix the focus over the object and found asking yourself why is my iPhone camera shaking? Indeed, there are such hassles too that comes along with the technology but be assured that you are not alone in this. There are many people who comes across this problem and reading further, you shall be led to some very simple steps to fix this issue quickly.

5 steps into fixing the iPhone camera shaking

The below mentioned 5 easy steps shall help you into bringing the stability on your shaking iPhone camera in no time. Follow the instructions:

  • Clean the lens

One of the very basic things is to ensure if the lens of the camera is clean. Sometimes it is due to the clogging of the dust over the iPhone camera lens, it makes it very shaky while you are trying to capture something. It is advised not to use liquid into cleaning as there are chances that it would damage the iPhone. Gently clean the dust either using the scratch proof cloths or the touch screen-cleaning pads.

  • Restart the iPhone

Make a note that you have updated the software system in your iPhone. Sometimes it is due to using the backdated version of system installation in the iPhone, you may encounter with a bug in its software which is causing you the issue. Once you have done that, switch off your iPhone and then restart it once again. Wait for it to completely get started and then launch the camera of the iPhone and check if the shaking of the camera lens has stopped while you are focusing it over anything. If you find the problem still persisting, follow the next step.

  • Put a magnet into your phone case

why is my iPhone camera shaking

Now attach a magnet to the iPhone cover and launch the camera and check if the shaking of the camera has stopped. The reason behind attaching a magnet to the iPhone camera is because the magnet brings an interference to the gyroscope of the camera. You may even use some light adhesive and fix the magnet to the iPhone case as well. In doing so, it might help into fixing the issue for you. But if this too somehow fails you then you go ahead into trying the next best alternative.

  • Restore and update the iPhone

You can easily fix many software issues simply by restoring the iPhone. Issues related to the software such as the slow performance of its run may have caused the camera to shake each time you are trying to take a picture. This is one of the very common issues along with multiple other issues that the iPhone users face very often and get it resolved easily too just by the use of iTunes restoring.

To restore:

  • Click iTunes on the phone and connect to computer
  • Click the device icon that the iTunes pulls out
  • Click the restore button on the screen
  • Use the professional iPhone system recovery tool

If your issue still persists even after trying all the above-mentioned steps then this surely is the most professional way to help you into overcoming the issue. The iOS System Recovery surely is one of the best tools that can help with such system related issue in your iPhone. You shall even be able to download very easily the best system recovery tools that are available for free and run its functions. It shall help you into resolving the issue with your shaking camera on the iPhone in no time and soon again you shall be able to get many perfectly clicked pictures like before.