What Camera Does Tanner Braungardt Use?

Tanner Braungardt is a famous and successful youtuber. He is quite popular for his interesting personal vlogs. The videos are uploaded almost daily and they get about 750,000 views on average. All of them look amazing and naturally, the question which may pop up in your head is what camera does Tanner Braungardt use?

In addition to the Canon EOS 70D and Powershot G7 X, Tanner uses the camera model of Sony a7s ii for his YouTube channel. Beside him, many other famous YouTubers currently use these particular models because of the comprehensive features that they offer. So let us discuss the three cameras in great detail.

What are the features of EOS 70D?

what camera does tanner braungardt use

This is the main camera of Tanner. It is a well-rounded and strong option for those needing an easy-to-use and smooth device. As it integrates dual pixel autofocus, strong sensor and 1 3-inch touch screen, it is perfect to use for all kinds of videos.

It has also got a strong sensor which provides its nice ability in situations of low light. That is particularly important to vloggers who have to take videos during both in the daylight and night. The 1080p video and built-in flash are especially useful. Together they provide another element to this camera. The pros of this model include an excellent zoom, crisp resolution, refined image stabilization, nineteen point cross-type autofocus, continuous shooting up to 7 FPS etc.

Is the Sony a7s ii model good to use?

Tanner Braungardt utilises this A7 ii model when he is not using the previous canon one. This is another strong model for using and it is particularly well-made for the purpose of youtubers. Many vloggers use this camera presently because of the exceptional specs of it. The camera has a 5-axis stabilization of image and on top of that, a fast hybrid and intelligent autofocus. It also has the feature of 4K recording of a full frame.

This combination enables each videographer to take short in one wide array of various settings. It also provides them the ability to move without worrying about the blur. Although it is an expensive investment, it is absolutely worth it for YouTubers including Tanner, who always needs the best among all. The other advantages include great capability of low light, wide lens compatibility and long lasting battery.

Why to buy a Canon Powershot G7 X?

what camera does tanner braungardt use

This model is more of a traditional point-and-click model. Tanner Braungardt uses this camera when he needs to record blogs or wants a more compact and smaller camera. Although this option is unqualified to be the main choice of him because it lacks quite necessary features, it provides him a lot of power that is packed into a small shell.

The device has an excellent sensor, 3 inch LCD touch screen and full video capabilities, that too in HD! On top of it, it has an amazing image processing. For added flexibility, it also utilizes manual controls that are fully customizable. The CMOS sensor is 1 inch and the camera is very light in weight. All of these combined features make it very easy to operate and use and it is one great choice to make videos anytime and anywhere you want.

There is absolutely no doubt that the models mentioned and reviewed will provide you great videos. But you should not assume that they stand completely on their own. Any great influencer or youtuber needs to have a full set up which refers to the few accessories that go along with the stellar cameras. Do your research to find a good lens which can further enhance the quality of the video. You will also need a strong microphone which will bring a greater audio dimension. Lights and tripods go long way too. Although they add more cost, they are worth buying for getting the most professional look.

All the three cameras that are covered here help Tanner Braungardt create exceptional vlogs and videos repeatedly. While they are very expensive investments, they are good ones for people who are serious about making more advanced or high quality videos.