What Camera Does Lisa Koshy Use?

Liza Koshy is a famous YouTube personality who rose to fame when she began posting funny videos in 2013 on the platform of Vine under “Lizzza”, a pseudonym. By 2016, she became notably popular on YouTube. So what camera does Lisa Koshy use to create attractive YouTube videos? Let’s find out!

Her choice of a main camera is the EOS 80D from Canon. This is the model which she uses recently for recording many of the YouTube videos for her channel. It is undoubtedly an affordable and great option for photography as well as video recording. Let us see the specifications of this model now. 

Why use EOS 80D?

What Camera Does Lisa Koshy Use

As you may know, Canon is one of the most renowned camera brands. This EOS 80D model from Canon has got all the perfect features for recording HD videos and capturing crisp and clear photos. It is a high-end professional camera which has a CMOS sensor with 24 megapixels for capturing smooth images.

One of the greatest features of this model which makes it shine bright among its competitors is the APS-C CMOS sensor. It has a DIGIC 5 plus image processor. It ensures that photographers and youtubers can capture high resolution pictures and videos without any difficulties in dim light. It also has refined individual pixels which enable higher ISO speeds. For example, 12800 for videos and 16000 for still image.

With a better dynamic range, touch screen interface, optical image stabilization, 60fps 1080p video capture and continuous shooting of seven fps with AF (Audio Focus), this camera holds all the necessary ingredients for producing a still image or professional quality video. Therefore, this camera is the choice of lots of professional photographers and youtubers who use it for their important professional work.

The camera has a 45 point, wide area, dual pixel AF (Auto Focus) with low performance of luminance. During both still photography and video capture, it allows continuous focus. This autofocus of 80D really sets a gold standard for the video autofocus. It locks in accurately and smoothly, which is something which most people find in a camera. The dynamic range is considerably far better than the predecessor, 70D.

A touchscreen interface makes things better to focus to focus on the fantastic autofocus. It is especially useful if you are interested in making some cool focus pulls. The LCD screen can be also flipped and tilted, which enables shooting from various angles.

The camera is also capable of the resolution of 1080p at 60fps. This is the perfect model for you if you aren’t a hyper cinematic and film making YouTuber. The video quality looks decent and nice.

Another outstanding feature that is present in the model is the intelligent viewfinder that makes it very easy to change, shoot and confirm shooting modes and camera settings. It also helps bring the extraordinary thrill of amazing SLR photography. It displays AF mode and AF points, one horizontal electronic level, has one grid display and a lot of other necessary points.

The camera also has a flicker detection feature. It is really useful while shooting videos, as it warns about flickers from lightning. As a result you can avoid brightness fluctuation and use other shutter speeds why you shoot a video.

Canon EOS 80D also comes with a built-in wireless technology. It lets you perform the shooting remotely using an app called Canon camera connect. You can also transfer videos and images to the phone from the camera easily with this. 

But the camera is not enough to fulfill your professional needs. Lenses and other equipment may also be needed according to your requirements. The price is pretty reasonable for all these amazing features it offers.

Are there other models used by Lisa?

What Camera Does Lisa Koshy Use

Lisa Koshy’s YouTube subscriber base was enhanced considerably with the Canon G7X which she used previously. It is her go-to camera for vlogging.

This Powershot Mark II brings DSLR-like creativity as it performs as a compact camera that is point-and-shoot. The lens is 24mm 4.2x zoom and of f/1.8-2.8. It also has an image processor of the powerful DIGIC 7 and the ISO is up to 12800. It makes the quality of the image really impressive. It features an optical image stabilization and lots of other features.