What Camera Does Jon Olsson Use?

Olsson is one of the most reputable YouTubers of this age. He shares his life through social media as he documents his everyday adventures with the help of YouTube vlogs. In these vlogs, he travels to different places with his wife. So what camera does Jon Olsson use for these amazing quality vlogs? Let’s see!

Jon is someone who likes to stay sophisticated and he takes assistance from various gadgets in this regard. His vlogging equipment always remains up to date as he uses professional cameras for vlogging no matter their prices. So let us discuss the cameras that he uses in his vlogs.

Red Epic-W – Customized

what camera does jon olsson use

Jon Olsson has used one very expensive camera that is famous worldwide among influencers. The model is red Epic-W. The camera is capable of making videos at the resolution of 8k. It really makes incredible footage of anything that you shoot.

Jon used this model when he was a part of team overkill. They made one vlog that had 8K resolution. But ultimately they had to take it down and make it 4K as there is not a screen till date which is able to support the resolution of 8k. The price of the camera is huge and it can be completely customised.

Panasonic GH5

This model is undoubtedly a favourite for both famous and professional vloggers. The sole reason of that is the 4K video recording which it provides and the size is also comparatively small. Currently, Jon Olsson uses this Panasonic vlogging camera because of its portability. It also provides a far better quality for video recording as compared to vlog cameras from other models. A 5-Axis stabilization can also be found with a design that is freezeproof. It allows users to make use of it fully even in tough conditions. The design is even splash-proof and you will find different connectivity options in it.

Jon Olsson uses 3 different Panasonic lenses along with the gh5 camera. They are:

Panasonic G Vario

This lens provides 14 to 28 mm or 7 to 14 mm focal length. The features of image stabilization and ultrawide zooming are available in it.

Lumix G lens

This lens comes with a huge diameter of f/1.7. Its focal length is 85 mm and it offers stabilization of power optical image.

Lumix G Leica

It is a large lens which has from 100 to 400 mm of focal length. It also offers optical image stabilization and is used for making footages in b-roll.

Sony a7s ii

what camera does jon olsson use

The last camera that Jon used for his vlogs is Sony a7s ii. The camera has got incredible features and is very slim and compact. For example, it allows users to create UHD 4K videos and also provides crystal clear images for any type of vlogs you want to make. That being said, this model has also got an image processor of BIONZ X which works very well in low-light situations. This model was the favourite one of Jon Olsson in the past. After this he started using the Panasonic model.

This model surely is the champion among all for the purpose of making video blogs with 4K resolution. The design is less bulky as compared to the DSLRs as well. That is why you should go for this one if you wish for an upgrade in your vlogging gear.

Leica SL

This is another camera which Jon Olsson used in the earlier vlogs of his life. The type of this model is 601. This camera is capable of giving study FPS at the mode of UHD 4K. For daily vlogs, it is regarded to be the perfect choice by many users. The Leica company claims that it has got world’s fastest autofocus system. Even if you move at a very high pace, you can never go out of focus with it. It has got a slim and unique shade and it can be carried easily while filming travelogues. You will get full HD videos at 1080p resolution and there is also 4x optical zoom in it.