what camera does david dobrik use

What Camera Does David Dobrik Use?

Have you been wondering about what camera does david dobrik use? blown away watching his YouTube vlogs, then surely you will get more than you expect. Do you know if he uses one camera or more? You are finding it out!

About David Dobrik

what camera does david dobrik use

Well, david does not need any introduction having millions of fans all across the world whom he has inspired. But just in case, if you would like to have a small briefing about him then, david dobrik happens to be one of the award-winning YouTubers who was born in Slovakia and has inspired a lot of people tomake vlogs and start their own channels on YouTube. It has always been a question in the mind of many people just like you that, what camera does david dobrik use? As you are reading further, you shall be discovering more than you have wished for. 

What camera does david dobrik use?

Towards the beginning, david used to post funny videos on the platform called Vines. After graduating his high school david focused on creating vlogs. His content is basically funny videos having a high quality to them. This has always been one of his major strengths in creating very high-quality funny vlogs. He even makes charity videos as well. In 2014 david started using the YouTube platform into making his videos. In 2015 he started to script his videos and focused on making more people laugh. He gradually formed a vlog squad with his friends who helped him to make his videos and gradually earned billions of views by 2019.

Canon ESOS 80 D

For the purpose of his vlogging, david uses the Canon ESOS 80 D which adds exceptional quality to his videos. This camera is able to capture the high resolution along with keeping the video’s H at 60 frames per second (FPS). This is the reason why many vloggers also prefer to use this camera.

It must also be noted that this camera is costly and so it is better not to be bought if you are a novice and only starting your YouTube career. It is more appropriate for the professionals. It is unable to shoot videos in 4k. The 1080P provides such stunning quality that it makes it outstanding. It is able to shoot 60FPS having the set resolution with the support of the flip screen. The 45-point autofocus system with the pixel AF imaging sensor adds another level of dimension. 

Sony DSCHX80/B vlogging camera

what camera does david dobrik use

The second camera that david uses is the Sony DSCHX80/B vlogging camera. This camera too has a flip screen that supports making the vlog type of videos. This is a very much budget-friendly and compact camera. It surely looks attractive as well. Just like cannon, this camera too is able to shoot complete HD videos at 1080p having 60 frames per second. 

Having many connectivity features, you shall be able to connect it to the WiFi. This camera offers the vloggers great stabilization of the image. But it is to be remembered that this camera does not capture great videos under dark light settings. This camera achieves the quality of the videos through its different formats such as the XAVC S, AVCHD, and also through the use of MP4 formats. This camera happens to be more demanding if you are to shoot any action scenes from afar.A few of the very important features of this camera are the 30x optical that is followed by the 60x clear image zoom and the ZEISS Vario sonar T lens having 18.2 MP. The P, A, S, M modes and the flexible settings make this camera a very vlogger-friendly one. 

About the lens of the camera

If you are eager to know more then be informed about the type of lens that david uses. He uses the Canon EF-S 18-35 mm camera lens which makes it very much compatible with the Canon 80D. it is able to sport the apertures f3.5 and f5.6. this actually works well with the APS C cameras having the 18mm setting, you shall be able to use it as the wide-angle lens. If you use this with the 135mm lens, it delivers better results as zoom lens. 

Having a dedicated image stabilization quality, it fits perfectly with the fast-paced videos. The main characteristic in the quality of this lens is that it consists of having 16 elements. It has 12 groups that work along with the 67mm filter. So, it is equally important too the quality of accessories you are choosing to use along with the quality of the camera. These when comes together give you a hi-qualityresult.