how to reset ring camera

How To Reset Ring Camera?

Security concerns about the house are indeed a serious issue and so, as you are following how to reset the ring camera? you shall certainly be able to do it very easily from here on.

Easy guide to your ring camera

The home security industry has always been a very demanding market and must it be so as well. There has always been a concern among the people about the quality of security gadgets they are installing in their houses. They have always rightfully chosen the best product available in the market regarding the safety and security of their homes. Yet, products are only products and so there are always some concerns that remain somehow that need to be addressed. Indeed, the ring cameras are one such device that is not only cost-effective but have also been made having the ability to be motion-activated security cameras that can easily be installed and requires minimum maintenance. These cameras are able to function through your wi-fi so that you are able to view them remotely as well using the phones, computers, or any other devices.

How to reset ring camera? shall no longer be a bothering issue as you are following this. It is a promise that you shall be more equipped than ever before!

How to reset the ring camera?

If you have been facing issues with your ring camera then you shall surely be able to reset it following a few quick steps that have been mentioned below. In fact, there are two methods for doing so. Although it may seem that they are two separate methods, in reality, the second method is the extension of the first method and it is a must to follow.

Steps to reset ring camera: Method one

1. Locating the orange button

The setting of the ring camera lies in the button. So, lift the cover that appears on the back of the ring camera and you shall be able to locate it. It is an orange button that you shall see and this is the same for all the ring cameras as well as the spotlight cameras.

2. Press the button

Now as you find the orange button at the back, you got to press and hold it. You shall be pressing it for 10-20 seconds at least. As you do so you will see that light starts to flash on the front of the camera.

3. Wait to reset

After you have pressed the button and the light has started to flash, it shall continue to flash for a few minutes. This indicates that the camera is in the process of performing its reset to factory settings. Once the reset process gets completed, the light stops flashing and goes off. Now you shall be able to set up the ring camera once again.

Steps to reset ring camera: Method two

This method is to remove the ring camera from your mobile app of yours.

How to reset ring camera? shall no longer be a bothering issue as you are following this. It is a promise that you shall be more equipped than ever before!

1.Open the app

For this, first, you are to open the ring app. You shall be able to see that the logo of this app has the word ring in white along with an orange dot on the alphabet i. Remember that you shall certainly do this also when you are about to sell or give away your ring camera to someone else. If by chance you fail to remove the camera from your account somehow, the person who shall buy the camera, will not be able to add the camera to his account.

2. Tap the camera

Now what you got to do is, tap the camera which you are wanting to remove from your account. As you do so, more details about the camera shall open up in front of you.

3. Select the device settings icon

As you find more details have opened up in front of you, now you are to click on the device settings icon. The device setting icon you shall find it appearing as a gear icon.

4. Select the general settings option

The next step that you are to do is to click on the general settings option. This you shall find at the bottom of the menu.

5. Select the remove this device option

Now, this is the final step that you need to perform into removing the device from your phone. you shall be able o locate this option appearing at the bottom of the listings of options that appear. It is just beside the trash can icon. You need to carefully tap it so that the device gets removed from your mobile.

Before you perform the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps it is very important for you to remember that, once you perform the factory resetting of your ring camera, it shall delete all the saved settings that it has like your wi-fi password of yours and other such details. After you run through the factory reset, you shall be required to set up the ring camera once again from the beginning.