how to power cycle wyze camera

How To Power Cycle Wyze Camera?

Wyze offers smart home devices and cameras which can be afforded and accessed by everyone. The Wyze Camera is generally a tiny camera for security which you can virtually affix on any surface in the house. You can even leave it on your countertop or on the table. So how to power cycle wyze camera in an easy way? Follow the few simple steps and you will be good to go.

What is the error code 90?

how to power cycle wyze camera

This refers to the communication problem of your wyze camera. When you see this error code 90, it means that the streaming servers cannot get access to your camera.

What are the reasons behind this malfunction?

The error code 90 acts as the most common code of error that results in most of the problems. In most cases, the reasons for this is-

  • If there are network connection errors and occasional timeouts, it can be normally blamed on the Wi-Fi frequency. It would be the best if one connected frequently to the 2.4 GHz.
  • Another major reason for the code 90 error of wyze is the poor speed of internet. The network connections can also be restricted more than the normal scenario.
  • If there is any major device which is interfering between the wyze camera of yours and its network, there can also be malfunctioning. The interference can result in that error code and cause a problem to the device.
  • Corrosion or day-to-day glitches can also cause this error. Plugging out the sockets and wires & then again plugging them in can help solve the issue.
  • The Wi-Fi networks may get over saturated and can often consume the bandwidth that is minimum for your wyze camera. This can also cause the error.
  • Finally, if you have a corrupted SD card, the error 90 code of the wyze camera can also be seen. The corrupted card may interfere in the back processing when you are streaming live.

How to power cycle the wyze cam?

how to power cycle wyze camera

Getting a smart camera for the security of your home is a very good investment. But just like any other electronic or electrical devices, it can act up too sometimes. If you have a wyze cam outdoors, it may have to be given a quick reboot. Here is how to power cycle the device.

The additional thing that you will need to install on your smartphone is the mobile app of wyze. Firstly, you need to check the back portion of the camera that is outdoors. Next you need to flip the switch of the power to the position of off. You can also unplug from the source of power to which it was connected if it is needed.

In the next step you will need to wait for almost 30 seconds. Next, flip the switch of the power back to the position of on.

How to get the wyze cam back online?

There are a numerous trouble shooting steps which you can follow if you face any trouble to get your wyze cam in the outdoors to connect. In the first step, you need to reboot the wyze base station. The most basic way to do it is unplugging it from the source of its power for a minimum of 30 seconds. Then you need to check the status of the light for both the base station and wyze cam outdoors. The color should be solid blue for both. If you see the lights still flashing, you will need to wait a bit more as it indicates that they are still trying for connection. 

Next you need to open the app of wyze. Tap the base station that is paired. Move the base station closer if you see only one bar after checking the strength of the signal. 

Charging is of course a very important part for your wyze camera outdoors. It should be for at least 4 hours. You can use that mobile app for checking the battery levels whenever it is needed.

In the app of wyze, first go to the account section. Next go to firmware and then upgrade. Tap on the update option. Having the perfect software ensures that the devices can now communicate.

How to solve error 90 code?

To solve the error 90 code in your Wyze cam, you need to first download the app of Wi-Fi analyser on the mobile device that you have. Then, using the app, you need to check for the channels of Wi-Fi to see if they are saturated. Now you will need to use the windows PC. Using windows + R, open run. Press Enter as you enter cmd. Again tap on the enter button as you use the IP configuration in command. You will need to write the IP address down against the gateway heading that is default. Now you need to put the address into the search box of any browser on the web. Now you will see the control panel of your router’s login page. Just enter the credentials like your password and username next. Select the channel option after you reach the wireless settings.

You will see several channels which will have labels like 3,2 or 1. Now you can use the app for Wi-Fi analyzer. Use the channel that is least saturated among all. Thus, you can simply fix the error code of wyze by changing the transmission channel of Wi-Fi.

If the above process does not work, you can change your Wi-Fi’s frequency band. For that, you will need to open the prompt of run on your PC by using windows + R. As you reach the step of entering credentials like your password and username following the methods of the previous point, fill it up. Then select transmission frequency after going to the wireless settings. Select the 2.4 GHz and do not forget to save the change.